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A five and a half foot long case to protect four 10 foot rods at half length. NOW WITH NEW QUICK ATTACH CLAMPS! Allowing you to attach the box to most tubing or rack bars. 

The Emerger

SKU: 01005
  • All the things you would expect from a rod box designed to carry and protect your fly rods. At five and a half feet long it will hold four 10 foot rods at half length, yet will still fit the smallest of raft frames. Elegant design; Aircraft style construction; stainless hardware; secure locking integration.

    It might seem absurd but we made the box to store your thousand dollar rods in, then.... That's right STAND on them. Built out of the same gauge aluminum found in most dry boxes, and closed box construction allows the boxes to function as walking and sitting platforms. Includes 4 U-bolts to attach to a raft frame with 1 5/8" tubing.  

  • Dimensions: 66.8" x 8.5" x 4.0" (170x21.6x10.2cm) 

    2.5" (6.4cm) thick inside of reel drops.

    1" tubing adapters NO-LONGER required due to new quick attach clamps.

    Pictures coming soon!

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